The Animated Horse Equine Massage Therapy
Holland, Michigan  
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Serving Michigan: Horses are our partners, our friends and they are athletes - regardless of discipline or purpose. They can suffer from sore muscles and restricted range of motion, but they cannot tell us when they hurt. Often, we only know about a problem when we see resistance to work: bucking, balking, not picking up leads. Equine massage therapy can help.

Just some of the benefits:
*Improved circulation and promotes rapid healing of injuries
*Enhanced muscle tone and increased range of motion
*Eased muscle spasms and reduced tension
*Reduced inflammation thus reduced pain
*Enhanced performance in the ring or on the trails
*A happy, healthier horse

I travel to your location with no barn fee for less than 60 miles.

Trained and certified by Equissage, Inc, Round Hill Va, and Certificates of Achievement from Sport Horse Therapeutic Equine Massage, Laramie WY. Trained in Masterson Method Beyond Massage Bodywork - Basic and Advanced courses

See for more about my service and occasional specials or for more in depth detail:

I offer loyalty discounts, referrel discounts and multiple horse discounts. And, I welcome the opportunity to do educational demos for your group of equestrians. Ask me how I can help your equine-related fundraiser.

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