Corso Equine Appraisal Service
Oaklyn, New Jersey  
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Melissa Corso has 16+ years of experience in the equine industry; riding, training, and competing in the Hunter/Jumper discipline. She has also worked with Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walkers, and many more horses from Dressage Schoolmasters to Fox Hunters, to weekend trail riding mounts.

Melissa will discuss your appraisal needs with you and conduct the appraisal inspection at your farm or will meet you at a show.

Appraisal services are needed for non-profit donations (seeking IRS benefits), divorces/estate planning, legal disputes, and insurance.
Consulting and advertisement services are also offered for purchases and sales.

Each appraisal begins with an on-site inspection of the horse and interview with owner/trainer/rider on the horse's history of training, show records, pedigree, conformation analysis and review of veterinary certificates of health.
A summary appraisal report will be provided in the time-frame requested, or not more than 10 days after the inspection.
Appraisals can also be done by photo/video if necessary.

Reasonable rates and multiple horse discounts available. Discounts also given for alumni and friends of Wilson College.