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FLEET OF ANGELS needs you. If you have a trailer, a barn or a pen you can help save equine lives.

FOA is a network of over 2500 people (US and Canada) who have joined together to help transport equines from danger to safety in emergency situations. We coordinate evacuations of horses away from nature-related crises like fires, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. We also help transport rescued horses to safe, lifetime homes to keep them out of the 'slaughter pipeline' when their rescuers have transportation challenges.

There are ways for every horse lover to help. Members who don't have trailers can offer overnight layover accommodations or help organize missions via social media.

If you want to be an Angel, go to our web site and click on the 'Join the Fleet of Angels' button. Fill out the form to let us know where you are and what you'd like to offer. Your name, city, state, and email address will appear on our Map of Angels and in our online Directory (See web site.) You may never be called upon, but if you are, it will be an opportunity to help save an equine's life.

Free to join. Fleet of Angels is a not-for-profit network. Any fees charged by Angels are negotiated between Angel and horse owner, and can be free, for cost of fuel, or for a fee- but fee must be at a significant discount below standard equine transportation prices. All horse trailer owners- both professional haulers and non-professionals, are welcome.

To register as a transport angel or to contact us, please go to our web site, below.

If you need the assistance of Fleet of Angels to transport an at-risk equine, please register in the directory on our web site, and then post your request on our Facebook page, 'Fleet of Angels'.
Contact: Elaine Nash 970-799-1001