Young Horse Dressage Training
Suches, Georgia  
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The High Valley Hanoverians training objective is to develop international quality Warmblood athletes to reach their highest dressage potential by developing them in the Mind & the Body.

Our Young Horse Training Program is the equine equivalent of human CrossFit training. We utilize a variety of essential training components to maximize overall performance and core strength. The variety of the work both maximized and balances the physical and mental conditioning of the Young Horse.

Horses in this program benefit from a rock-solid classical dressage foundation developed in conjunction with effective conditioning in our combined training fields, over cavaletti gymnastic grids and on intense mountain trails. Each Young Horse is appropriately challenged, encouraged to express his/her playful nature and receives ample encouragement, love and attention. The result is a happy, physically fit dressage athlete who demonstrates the passion to achieve his/her career potential.

The High Valley Hanoverians Team has openings for a select number of quality young Warmbloods to join our Young Horse Dressage Training Program. Training packages may be tailored based on the owner's interest in development, sales and/or competition of their Young Horse at East Coast dressage events.
Contact: Annetta Coleman 678-936 -8087