Natural Barefoot Boarding
Boise, Idaho  
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We offer 9 acres of natural environment, (set up to toughen up the hooves), where the horses live together in a herd. Fed with slow feeders, so they can eat 24/7 little by little just as nature intended. Our main focus is on the horses hooves, helping lame horses to become sound again. Trims are done by a professional barefoot trimmer, modeled after the wild horses.

We have 83 miles of trails right from our pasture! Wonderful rides with beautiful views.

Boarding includes:
24/7 hay
natural sand colic prevention
free choice powdered minerals
well water
hoof trimming (each horse has their own schedule)
tack room
rest room/changing area
small arena/corral

We ask $260.00 per horse each month.
Contact: Heidi Toussaint 208-936-4582