Ashva Yoga - Equestrian Yoga & Events
Castle Rock, Colorado  
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Ashva is the Sanskrit word for horse, and at Ashva Yoga we specialize in Equestrian Yoga and alignment-based Hatha Yoga.
Regular yoga mat classes are offered in our studio.
Equestrian yoga classes are practiced with the horse, on and off the horse.

What is Equestrian Yoga?
Equestrian Yoga is an integral and ?owing Hatha Yoga practice that addresses the speci?c postures and movements of the horseback rider’s body. It focuses on balance, flexibility, core strength, lower back, shoulders, and hips.

Incorporate Equestrian Yoga into your regular training, or make it a special event (Family Gathering, Bachelorette Parties, etc.) by adding a trail ride, wine & snacks after the practice.