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Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. a 501c(3) Non Profit Charity registered with the State of PA Certificate #32200/Federal 501c(3) DLN# 17053089729078. Rescue, Rehabilitation and Placement headquartered in Pennsylvania with an international network. We have been in continuous operation for over a decade with the first five years being out of our pocket. We are a volunteer based, all breed horse rescue. Our Mission is to give equines a much needed "Another Chance". We do all aspects of rescue - abuse, neglect, owner surrender, cruelty, auction purchase and slaughter for human consumption then quarantine, rehabilitate, evaluate, train and place horses in loving homes. We are also very active in education and community involvement.

Information about Our Programs-

Traditional Rescue - Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. has been a 501c(3) non profit charity since 2003. Prior to becoming a 501c(3) charity we were a private rescue for five years who paid for all expenses out of our own pocket. We are an all breed rescue organization. The horses in our care are available to be seen by appointment. Horses in our care . Directions - When you save a life this way you actually save two the one you take with you and the one you make room for. This is a great way to help a horse that is quarantined, evaluated multiple times and you can come see them in person and interact with them. We hold appointments on Saturdays from 12 - 3 pm est please email us to schedule your visit. ()

Broker Owned Program - The broker owned horses is an additional program that we created 9 years ago to help the many horses that we can't bring into our traditional rescue. Every 5 minutes an American horse is slaughtered. This program is an alternative to auctions and horse slaughter. We saw a need and created a way to help them offering them that assistance through our website and other media social sites and place about a thousand horses through this program annually. The broker horses are not in our care. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the lack of assuring availability, we are not able to hold appointments to show them like we do the horses that are at our traditional rescues. The horses in the broker owned program are not quarantined, typically no past history unless is available or provided unless the horse has a tattoo we can trace or registration papers that allow volunteers/horse helpers to contact the owners in the horses past. We do independent evaluations of these horses this information along with any information gathered from research is provided on the website. Helping a horse through the broker program IS rescue. We highly suggest that you do your research to make sure this is something that are able to do. There is no protection for your emotional investment. However, there are insurance programs to cover your financial investment and we highly suggest that you consider and purchase insurance for your financial investment.

Ownership Assistance Placement. We offer owners a way to place their horses by listing them on our high traffic website and international network. This is a preventative program to assist in keeping horses out of the auction/slaughter circuit. Assisting owners in placing their horses allows the owners to be involved in the process and provides less stress to the horse by moving from current home into the new home without taking the horse into the traditional rescue. We advise owners to use a written contract, check references and do a home check. We offer the use of our placement forms edited to remove our information replacing it with your own information. With this program we can always assist a horse in need without having to have an opening at the rescue for the horse and keeping openings for the most urgent needs. Information provided is from the owner, we cannot guarantee accuracy of the information.
Contact: Christy Sheidy 610-621-5290