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Race2Ring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide professional rehabilitation, retraining and placement for selected, retired Thoroughbred racehorses in qualified homes so that they may reach their full potentiall in a productive second career.
When Thoroughbreds are no longer able to race due to age, minor injury or lack of ability, specialized care and training is needed to transition them to productive new careers. This training ensures they will lead productive, happy, healthy, safe lives after retirement from the track.
Race2Ring provides the special training needed, then screens qualified homes where these Thoroughbreds will receive quality care and a new life in dressage, jumping, cross-country or trail and companion use.
We provide outreach to educate the public about the Thoroughbred industry and to engage them in our mission. We also strive to promote the Thoroughbred breed.