Heaven Can Wait Equine Sanctuary for Healing and Learning
San miguel, California  
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We provide a program for special needs adults or children, we offer classes "Adventures with Horses" through the Paso Robles Library and Recreation Services. Fun and informative hands-on learning, manners, safety, grooming, greet, walk, read to and enjoy equines are offered. One should know what they need to know before "buying a horse". A cancer survivor with the need to be with horses because of the bond between them and humans, they are non-judgmental and don't care what you suffer from.....they just want to help. She is whom made me realize the therapeutic effect of equines. A young girl with PTSD because of her foster experiences finallyopened up to her adoptive parents because she related to the story of one of our equines. A disabled veteran, despite his financial limitations, now comes here twice a week. The equines here are special and they help him with his life struggles as well as many others. Our gate is always open to all those who need the breath of an equine to ease their pain of reality. .