Glen Ellen Vocational Academy, Inc. (GEVA)
Glen Ellen, California  
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(707) 527-8092
Located in Glen Ellen, California, GEVA was founded for two equally important purposes: 1) to provide care and shelter for horses who were retired due to injury or age, were the victims of abuse or negligence, or were merely in need of a home, and 2) to teach people the skills necessary to work with horses in a safe, humane and confident manner. If the handler is knowledgeable, the problem of unintentional abuse to the horse is often avoided.

Many horses come to GEVA due to injuries that require either surgery or an extended period of rest and because their owner is either unwilling or unable to assume the cost of that care. Frequently, an owner in such circumstances is faced with the choice of needlessly euthanizing the horse or, worse, selling it for slaughter. GEVA provides an alternative to this grim choice. When horses come to GEVA, they have a home for life or if extended rest is all that is needed. GEVA may offer that horse for adoption to a good home. An adopted horse from GEVA may return to GEVA at any time should the adoption not work.

Contact: Pamela A. Berg 7075278092