Saddlebred Rescue Inc
Hardwick, New Jersey  
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Saddlebred Rescue is a truly unique rescue that incorporates the thinking and practices of a professional show stable with the realities of the plight of unwanted horses today.

SBR buys all horses in our program mostly from auctions and sales where they were slaughter bound. We have our own professional trainer who works with each horse to evaluate and design a schooling program to help the horse be as place-able as possible.

All horses in our program are evaluated by two professional horse trainers before they are placed.

Each horse’s overall health condition is assessed by our staff, and veterinarian, if necessary, and immediately-needed health issues are treated. Chronic conditions are recorded as such.

All SBR horses are in a lifetime program and will always have the option of being returned to SBR if the adopter’s circumstances change.

SBR encourages every potential adopter to visit our facility and try out any of our treasures that may be a potential match.

While we encourage visits, we understand it is not always possible to visit us on-site. In these cases, our trainers work with you to understand your needs and to pick out a horse that is perfect for you. Our placement rate is very high and returns to SBR for incompatibility are almost nonexistent.

Every day our professionals work to improve the care, training and placement of our treasures.
Contact: Pat Johnson 908-605-6032