Hidden Springs Horse Rescue
Marianna, Florida  
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850-526 - 2231
Hidden Springs Horse Rescue works tirelessly to rescue abused and abandoned horses. A great deal of money, time and effort goes into rescuing and caring for each and every one of these special animals. Due to the expense of rehabilitating them, we do not offer free horses, each has an adoption fee. When they area adopted the adoption fee helps to recover the cost of restoring their health.

Once a horse is brought to our ranch it is assessed for any immediate health and nutritional needs. It is then treated by our veterinarian and given any vaccines or other treatment that it needs. We also provide farrier care and dental care if needed. Once all of the immediate needs are covered we move on the assessing the horses level of training as well as determining the skill level and disposition of each horse. We then try to provide training for the horses in order to make them a better candidate for adoption.

Occasionally we will have a horse who, due to health problems, is not a suitable candidate for adoption. These horses will remain on the ranch for the duration of their lives. These horses are available for sponsorship. Please help them through a monthly contribution pledge.