Begin Again Horse Rescue
Lima, New York  
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585 322-2427
Begin Again Horse Rescue is a recognized 501c-3, not for profit, AAEP(American Association of Equine Practitioners) inspected and approved horse rescue. We are a group of experienced horse people who have been individually taking in unwanted and neglected horses for years. We decided to pool our resources and work together to save horses that are “at risk,” neglected or bound for slaughter. On occasion, we will accept horses from owners who can no longer care for them due to financial hardship, illness or misfortune. Because of our limited resources as well as our need to be available to the families that take our horses, we have limited our outreach and adoptions to an area no more than two hours from our facility.

Begin Again Horse Rescue is located on a 10 acre farm in Lima, New York. It is entirely funded by donations from those who understand the plight of these horses and are willing to help. There is a nominal fee when a horse is placed from Begin Again. This fee helps to cover the initial veterinary care all our horses receive when they are accepted into the program. A donation is requested and greatly appreciated from those who relinquish one or more horses as well. It is from these donations that we can continue to help other horses in need. There is no membership fee. We rely on donations, fundraisers, grants, and sponsors to fund our operations. We look far and wide to animal lovers who want to help and do the right thing for horses that need our care. Our motto is: ” One by one…”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, permanent, environment for unwanted, “at risk” and neglected horses to prevent as many as possible from suffering or going to slaughter. We will rehabilitate them when possible and find “permanent lease” homes for them. We will also promote non-cruelty to animals by focusing efforts on raising awareness and providing information to the public concerning the nature and proper care of horses and the plight these animals face.

What We Stand For

Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc. is a temporary place of rest and recuperation for horses found to be neglected or abused. Located in Lima, New York, our founding members have many years invested in the care and well being of their own animals. We DO NOT sell horses, but facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of those animals in our care. We strive to find as many loving, informed homes for as many animals as possible. We are 100% volunteer run and operate solely on donations. We will accept animals in any condition, when space allows, who are surrendered by private owners or through county animal control facilities. We focus our attentions on those within a two hour drive from the farm.