Hoofs and Woofs Animal Rescue
Valley Center , California  
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714- 609- 0799
We are a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re homes serviceable equines and others.

We are funded by private donations and appreciate your contribution.

Our ranch in Valley Center, California is home to horses, goats, sheep, a steer, dogs, cats and kittens. We operate by appointment only. We do not take in “found” animals unless their microchip identifies them as one of our alumni.

A lifetime of saving all kinds of critters, including horses, livestock and small animals gave us the background to help more animals in need. Children, seniors and everyone in between benefit from the interaction with animals. The physical aspect of the work involved, the mental focus of the task at hand, The sense of accomplishment, pride in overcoming apprehension of very large creatures, learning, sharing the joy, all are a part of volunteering and visiting with the animals. We all grow from the experience.