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As the controversy rages on as to whether the quality of the sire or the dam is the most important in developing a foal, one thing remains constant - - the best Breeding Horses for sale in the country are found in our Classified Ads! The fact that a stallion can have a greater overall impact on a breed while a mare may have a greater influence on an individual foal because its physical characteristics is almost as obvious as the quality of Breeding Horses in our Classified Ads.

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$18,000 Black Friesian in Homer, GA
$9,500 Bay Bashkir Curly in Springfield, VT
$4,800 Bay Bashkir Curly in Springfield, VT
$2,500 Bay Rheinland Pfalz Saar in Reddick, FL
$4,000 Sorrel Quarter Horse in Kemmerer, WY
$4,500 Grey Falabella in East Freetown, MA
$8,500 Black Quarter Horse in Pinehurst, TX
$1,500 Bay Miniature in Dundee, NY

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