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The Haflinger is named after the town where the founding mare resided in the picturesque Tyrolean Alps between Austria and Italy. This line of steeds began in 1874, but it wasn't until 1958 that the first ones came to America. After WW II the Austrian government took over breeding the Haflinger. The first U.S.-born Haflinger stallion to be inspected and approved in the U.S was Arlin, a stallion originally owned by Charles Bobo of Foothill Farms in South Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. Known for their striking golden chestnut color, the Halfinger is one of the most beautiful horses for sale in our classified ads.

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Private Chestnut Haflinger in West Newbury, MA

Marvelous Marvel

West Newbury, MA

$2,000 Palomino Haflinger in Lancaster, MA

Pretty Haflinger

Lancaster, MA

Private Palomino Ponies in Hodges, SC
$1,200 Other Haflinger in Sandy Lake, PA

Haflinger for Sale

Sandy Lake, PA

$2,500 Chestnut Haflinger in LEXINGTON, TN



$3,000 Chestnut Haflinger in DECATURVILLE, TN
$1,500 Chestnut Haflinger in DECATURVILLE, TN



$1,000 Chestnut Haflinger in Charlotte, NC

Halfinger Pony

Charlotte, NC

$2,500 Sorrel Haflinger in West Lafayette, IN
$2,200 Sorrel Haflinger in New Castle, IN

SOLD Awesome trail horse gelding

Waterford works, NJ

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