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All Topics - Placing and Managing Your Ads
Can I put my email address or phone number in the description?
How do I change the phone number on my ad?
How do I edit my ad?
How do I find out how long an ad has been listed on your service?
How do I get an AQHA Pedigree?
How do I replace a photo on my ad? Does it cost anything?
How do I upload a photo to my ad?
How do I upload or send my video?
How long does it take to post my photo?
I do not feel comfortable giving my credit card over the Internet. Are there any other ways to pay?
I have a web site. Can I put a link in my ad?
I have forgotten my ID and/or password!
I paid for my order using PAYPAL, why can't I upload my photo yet?
I replaced my photo and received confirmation that it was changed, but I do not see the new one!
I sold my horse and deleted my ad, but the sale fell through. Can I put my ad back on?
I tried submitting an ad and it takes me back to my manage ads area. Why?
I want to remove my phone number from my ad. Can I do that?
I was in the middle of submitting a photo and something went wrong. What do I do now?
If I decline the official AQHA pedigree, can I still enter my horse's pedigree info?
I'm having too many problems uploading my photo. Can I send it to you via postal mail?
I'm trying to list my horse with you, but my breed isn't listed. What should I do?
I'm trying to log into your system, but it is complaining about "cookies".
My horse or product sold before a photo was posted to my ad. What now?
My horse/product has sold! What do I do next?
My text ad is expiring. How do I renew it?
What is an official AQHA Pedigree?
Will I get a confirmation when my order is completed?

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" is a great way to sell your horse, as so many people view the web site. Thanks for the experience of using your ..."
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